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Aug 26, 2020 3:04 PM
Phipps Park BOD

All parents please read!

Parents, below are the procedures we have implemented that must be followed for us to have a season this fall. It will take the help and cooperation of all of you to abide by these and encourage your child to do the same.


Thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation!

- Your Phipps Park Board of Directors

  • Prior to attending any event, each player should check his or her temperature at home, and refrain from participation if he or she has a fever (≥100.4 degrees F).


  • Prior to participation, coaches will obtain verbal confirmation from each participating player that:


  • a) The player has not had any close contact with a sick individual or anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.


  • b) The player is not currently demonstrating or suffering from any ill symptoms.


  • Any player reporting or demonstrating symptoms of illness at any point will be removed from the event and should seek guidance from his or her physician before attempting to return.


  • Players will avoid all unnecessary physical contact with each other, including celebrations, handshakes, high-fives, etc.


  • All participants and their parents/guardians must sign the both the City of Lake Worth Beach and the BabeRuth/Cal Ripken liability waiver - 100% compliance before admission to park for any activities.


  • Maximum 50 persons total per field (players, coaches, officials & spectators combined)


  • Coaches must wear PPE (face shields or cloth face coverings) when addressing the team at practices and games.


  • Parents should remain outside the immediate field area whenever possible and must wear PPE (face shields or cloth face coverings) when within 6 feet of anyone outside their household.


  • Bleachers will be reserved for players only. Spectators should bring their own seating and shade and plan to watch from other areas, for example, outfield and foul territory fence lines.


  • Players and their equipment must be spaced at 6' increments – at practices, use both dugouts and extend back to shaded stands as necessary to maintain this spacing. Coaches should allow for extended water breaks so players can get to their bag/water/shade. 


  • Players cannot share equipment of any kind.


  • All water bottles will be for individual use – no team coolers or drink stations.


  • All practices and games will be staggered to allow teams to changeover without interaction.


  • During practices, maintain 6' social distancing between players at all times - no drills allowed that require contact or close proximity (tagging, pickoff etc).


  • Cage BP & hitting stations- only 1 player, 1 coach, 1 on-deck at a time (max 3 people). Coaches must wear PPE if within 6 feet of a player (for example, loading a Tee or during soft toss)


  • Players should use their own baseball for warmups. Game balls and practice balls will be sanitized prior to the event.


  • Concessions (if allowed to open under state health guidelines) - Pre-wrapped/bottled food/drink only - condiment packets only. No open / shared condiments.


  • Coronavirus Warning Signage: Phipps Park Baseball will post conspicuous signage warning of coronavirus risks and what steps can be taken to reduce such risks.


  • Restrooms: Restrooms will be limited to one person or household at a time. Signs will be posted indicating this policy.


  • All high touch areas (door handles, sinks, toilets, etc.) will be sanitized daily by facility staff.


The Phipps Park Baseball Board of Directors has developed these mitigation policies and procedures, and will monitor and enforce them to ensure that all participants are cooperating in reducing health and safety risks at all locations.

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